Hire Me

When I took my first professional writing job in 1999, I had no intention of turning it into a career. Now, 19 years later, I’m still at it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I fell in love with the job during my 9 years as a direct mail copywriter for non-profit organizations. I not only learned to tell a story effectively, but it felt good seeing a response that could be quantified, especially for a good cause. I learned what worked and I learned what didn’t, and it has informed my writing, no matter the format, ever since.

After years of working for other agencies, I ventured out on my own in 2010. My writing services include:

• Articles
• Essays
• Blog posts
• Website copy
• Press releases
• Direct mail copy
• Marketing emails
• Newsletters
• SEO content
• Social media content
• Catalog copy
• Product descriptions
• Promotional copy
• Book proposals
• Book forewords

I also write short stories, screenplays, and stage plays; I do not ghostwrite in these formats, but I love to edit and consult.

My most notable projects and accomplishments include the following:

• Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars annually writing fundraising letters for non-profits

• Creating a presentation that helped an employer place as a finalist for the 2009 Arizona Better Business Bureau Ethics Award

• Writing promotional copy for a self-published author, helping her sell enough copies to interest a publisher that picked up the book for international distribution

• Writing a successful book proposal for a best-selling author

• Ghostwriting articles, book forewords, and non-fiction chapters for a prominent mental health professional

• Placing as a quarter-finalist in the 2008 Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting

• Co-writing and co-producing a short film shot on-location in Nantucket, MA

• Writing and producing original one-act plays for two productions in Hollywood, CA

• Writing a published 1-hour educational audiobook on the history of work

• Earning my B.S. in Communications with an emphasis in Radio/TV, English minor

Over the years, I have written on a wide range of topics for all kinds of companies, so I have plenty of versatility. Beyond that, I have written extensively on personal finance, mental health, and topics of interest to women.

I love the challenge of putting a story together, and I love the reward of that story working. So, whatever the story you want to tell, and in whatever form, let me know how I can help.

Email meredith@plentywoman.com.